Frequently Asked Questions

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       About Snowlands Network

Image on ridge north of Tragedy Spring

When was Snowlands Network founded?

Snowlands was founded in March, 2001 as an offshoot of the Nordic Voice, an advocacy committee within a ski touring group of the Sierra Club. Marcus Libkind, Jim Gibson, Janet Hoffmann, and Bill Flower were active in the Nordic Voice and were founding members of Snowlands.

Where does Snowlands Network work?

Snowlands' mission is to protect opportunities for quality human-powered winter recreation and protect winter wildlands throughout California and Nevada though we work with others on national efforts such as in Yellowstone National Park. Please read about winter travel management and our other projects to see what we are doing right now.

How does Snowlands Network choose the projects it works on?

Volunteers at Snowlands Network monitor the Schedule of Proposed Actions for many National Forests. We also get announcements from various government agencies and we work with other like-minded organizations. We also depend on our members to be our eyes and ears. From these sources we determine what projects are relevant to our mission and community, and we prioritize them.

Can I influence whether Snowlands Network works on a specific project?

Snowlands urges you to tell us what is important to you. If we are not working on an issue, it may be that we are not aware of the need.

Sometimes we are not working on an issue because we are short of volunteers. The best way to influence us to work on a specific issue is to show your interest by volunteering to help. Remember that you may be more knowledgeable than anyone else about a specific area and need. Please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

How is Snowlands Network funded?

Snowlands is mainly funded by membership donations and revenue from events.

Please contact us if you know of a potential major donor or have specific knowledge of foundation or business that may be sympathetic to our mission.

What are Snowlands Network's current projects and campaigns?

Please see winter travel management and projects sections on our website.