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Mission Statement

The mission of Snowlands Network is to protect opportunities for quality human-powered winter recreation and protect winter wildlands.

Image of Foresetdale Creek

The headwaters of Forestdale Creek, east of Carson Pass on Highway 88 and shown in the above photo, is now closed to snowmobile use for nearly the entire snow season because of a 17-year effort by Snowlands Network (and its predecessor Nordic Voice). The south side of the Mount Rose Highway at Tahoe Meadows is closed to snowmobile use because of our efforts. These are two examples of how we serve our membership. Read more about our winter travel management and our projects to see the many aspects of our advocacy work

About Us

Snowlands Network was established in March, 2001, to advocate for the needs of all those who venture into the winter backcountry in search of peace and solitude, and for the winter wildland environment. Our membership includes backcountry skiers, boarders, snowshoers and others who revel in the joy of muscle-powered recreation in nature’s winter wonderland.

We believe that in order to protect our current winter recreation opportunities, and expand them where they are inadequate, we must engage the Forest Service and others in a dialog and in some cases challenge their management decisions. Protecting the winter wildland environment, the natural sights, sounds, fauna and flora, goes hand-in-hand with protecting opportunities for winter recreation. We work with other like-minded organizations to attain our goals.

Your Voice

Snowlands Network is “your voice.” We attend meetings, we analyze proposals, we make proposals, and we keep our members up-to-date on issues that affect the sports and the wildlands they love. We are doing the things that members of our community can’t or don’t have the time to do. In return, all we ask for is your membership support.

Contact Us

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