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Report Snowmobile Conflicts and Misuse

Your reports greatly assist Snowlands in its advocacy efforts. Please use the form below to report every instance where either

Please provide as much information as you can but do not confront motorists if you encounter them. There is no need to identify them specifically in order to make a useful report.

Date and time when you experienced the impact or observed the misuse.

Position (if available):


Scroll the map by dragging it around to place the location of the conflict under the center marker. You may zoom in and out with the buttons or by scroll wheel. Press the Accept button when the map is located as desired or Cancel out of the operation without saving the current map position.

Type of observation: (check all of the boxes that apply):

Personal experiences

Environmental damage

Trespass in designated Wilderness

Trespass in closed area other than designated Wilderness

Did this occur on Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail?

Please provide any additional information you would like to convey describing the snowmobile impacts or your personal experience:

Are photos, video, or GPS data available? (This is not necessary, but would be helpful if available)

If you check the box above, a Snowlands volunteer will provide you with instructions for the submission of corroborative data. You may also attach a file to this report by clicking on the button below and selecting the file in the dialog box that appears.

The maximum size of the file that will be accepted is 20MB. Only one file may be uploaded for each report. If you have more than one file to submit, either check the box above, and a Snowlands volunteer will contact you about submitting additional files, or you may create a zip file with the files you wish to submit. The maximum size of the zip file that will be accepted is 20MB.

RIMS Submission

We would like to add your report to the RIMS database. RIMS stands for Recreational Impact Monitoring System and is a service of the Colorado Mountain Club. The RIMS system maintains a database of backcountry status reports that is accessible by land management agencies and can prove invaluable in documenting conflicts between motorized and non-motorized recreational uses. More information about RIMS may be found here.

Please uncheck the box below if you do not wish your report to be submitted to the RIMS system.

Person reporting:

Snowlands Network does NOT SHARE ANY contact information with commercial businesses. We may identify you to the Forest Service, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, or other managing authorities as the reporting witness. A Snowlands Network volunteer may contact you to better understand your report.