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Don’t let the lands you cherish be degraded!
on’t allow your access to be denied!

Image of skier descending slope Your membership in Snowlands Network or a donation is the easiest way for you to positively impact the sport you love and the winter wildlands you recreate on.

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Snowlands Network serves people who actively use and appreciate our public recreation lands – from skiers and snowshoers, to hikers and climbers, to birders and photographers, to families who snow-play.

  • We attend Forest Service and California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division meetings.

  • We analyze proposals by federal and state agencies as to their impact on winter wildlands and muscle-powered recration.

  • We make proposals to federal and state agencies to preserve winter wildlands and enhance your winter recreation experience.

  • We provide members with up-to-date information regarding the issues that
    affect winter wildlands and the sports
    we all love.

Snowlands Network promotes greater awareess of the issues facing recreationists – issues that affect the very existence of our winter wildlands. Don’t let the lands you cherish be degraded; don’t allow your access to be denied! With your help and support, we can preserve the wildness in winter.

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Membership in Snowlands Network gives you:

  • Confidence that you are represented on winter environment and recreation issues.
  • Leverage of a focused regional organization that networks with state and national organizations, and leaders.
  • Information you can use and act on through the Snowlands Bulletin and alerts.

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Snowlands Network is a 501(c)(3) organization. Federal Tax ID 94-3395963.
Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.