Winter Travel Management

Plumas National Forest

Plumas National Forest issued a Notice of Intent and Proposed Action for Winter Travel Management on September 28. Plumas NF is the last of five forests to begin winter travel management pursuant to a settlement between the Forest Service and Snowlands Network. Comments are due by November 30, 2015. This is an opportunity to let the Forest Service know that you care about winter recreation and want more lands set aside for nonmotorized recreation.

You can learn about the Plumas plan on their Travel Management web page or their OSV project page.


Please tell the Forest Service that you want more areas in the Plumas NF managed for clean and quiet winter recreation. You may submit your comments in two ways:


Plumas NF held public scoping meetings to provide an overview of the project and to answer quesions about the OSV designation process. Meetings were held on Oct 8, 14, 15, 27 and Nov 5. No more meetings have been scheduled.

October 8 Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds – Mineral Building
204 Fairground Road
5pm – 7pm
October 14 Chalet View Lodge Conference Room
72056 Hwy 70
5pm – 7pm
October 15 Feather River Ranger District Office
875 Mitchell Avenue
October 27 Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds – Mineral Building
204 Fairground Road
6pm – 8pm

November 5

Sierra City Community Hall
14 Castagna Alley (off Highway 89)
Sierra City
6pm - 8pm


The deadline for submitting comments on the Plumas proposal has been extended to

November 30, 2015.

There will be another opportunity to comment on the Plumas plan when the Draft Environmental Impact Statement is issued, so please sign up for the Snowlands Bulletin and electronic alerts here to keep informed about the process, and like us on Facebook.


Tell Plumas NF that you are submitting comments to the scoping notice on Over-Snow Vehicle Use Designation.

Tell Plumas NF about your interest in backcountry skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing and why you believe that more lands should be set aside exclusively for nonmotorized winter recreation. Tell them how snowmobiles impact your own enjoyment of the national forest. Thank them for proposing to close additional areas to snowmobiles, but let them know that the closures are insufficient to support the recreational experience that you seek on public lands in the winter. Let them know that having 96% of the Forest open to motor vehicles does not create a balance of opportunity and does not minimize the conflict between motorized and non-motorized users.

Plumas National Forest must hear from non-motorized users, because the local motorized community is very loud and assertive in demanding that no additional areas be closed to snowmobiles.

Snowlands is submitting a proposal which the Forest Service will evaluate in the planning analysis process. Please support our proposal in your own words. Our proposal includes the following winter motor vehicle closures:

  • A small area at Black Gulch/Clear Creek on the southeast side of the Bucks Lake Wilderness
  • A larger area to the west of the Bucks Lake Wilderness
  • An area in the western Lakes Basin adjacent to the Plumas Eureka State Park
  • The Frazier Creek area in the eastern Lake Basin, accessed from the Gold Lakes winter trailhead
  • The Thompson Peak area on the far east escarpment near Susanville
  • The Adams Peak roadless area on the far eastern boundary of Plumas NF
  • All areas of Plumas NF below 5000' elevation.

You may wish to request other restrictions in addition to those listed above.

The Lakes Basin area in the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests has great scenic beauty and is highly popular with nonmotorized users in summer.  In winter, the area is impacted by extensive snowmobile use on and around the Gold Lakes highway.  We believe the local communities will benefit by attracting more nonmotorized use to this area in winter, which can be accomplished without impact of snowmobile tourism by setting aside some relatively small but scenic areas where nonmotorized users can recreate in a clean and quiet environment.


Snowlands Network and Winter Wildlands Alliance submitted a proposed alternative for managing OSV recreation on Plumas NF. You may download these documents as PDF documents here:

Plumas Proposal
Map of OSV closures


This is the time for you to let the Plumas NF know what changes you want to see in order to improve backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Please send comments now and try to attend one of the meetings!

Thank you for participating in this community effort.