Report Conflicts
An opportunity to document your observations
and express your thoughts to the Forest Service

Image of snowmobile trespassFrustrated about illegal and environmentally damaging use of snowmobiles and 4x4 vehicles over the snow? Here is your opportunity to speak out.

Your online reports greatly assist Snowlands in its advocacy efforts. Use our quick and easy form to report every instance where either your experience is adversely impacted by snowmobile use or you see evidence of snowmobile-related lawlessness, trespass, or environmental destruction.

The photo at the right is just one example of why Snowlands Network provides an easy method for anyone to report trespass, winter related conflicts and environmental damage. Your witness report will add to a growing body of documentation that there is a rampant problem that our land managers are not addressing with respect to the use of over-the-snow vehicles.

Please do not confront motorists if you encounter them. There is no need to identify them specifically in order to make a useful report.

Please complete the easy to use online reporting form.

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Snowlands Network has a few tips for how you can be a great monitor while you are on the snow. >>> More