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Past Projects

This is a partial list of past projects on which volunteers and staff at Snowlands Network have worked. The successful projects give you a glimpse of what can be accomplished when we have the support of our community. Sometimes we are not successful, so we move on to the next challenge.

List of Past Projects

Tahoe Meadows. Snowmobiles are prohibited on the south side of the Mt. Rose Highway at Tahoe Meadows as a result of a multi-year effort, which included documentation of motorized and non-motorized use patterns and impacts of snowmobile use on other forest visitors.

Incline Lake. Snowlands Network was a major advocate of the successful purchase of a 770-acre parcel at Tahoe Meadows, which included Incline Lake, by the Forest Service.

Alpine County Winter Recreation Project. The adoption of the Alpine County WRP by the Forest Service culminated a 17-year effort by Snowlands and its predecessor to establish a winter, non-motorized designation for the Forestdale Creek area east of Carson Pass on Highway 88. The Project also prohibits snowmobile use on nearly all the lands to the north of Highway 88 between Carson Pass and Pickett Junction. >>> More

Pathway 2007. Snowlands Network participated in the Pathway 2007 forum, which was a planning process that allowed participants to present their ideas and dreams for the Lake Tahoe area prior to the Land and Resource Management Plan process. Snowlands Network was instrumental in creating the proposed noise standards.

Bear Valley Winter Recreation Plan. The Bear Valley Winter Recreation Coalition was an attempt by the Forest Service to bring non-motorized and motorized recreationists to the table for constructive talks leading to a formal Winter Recreation Plan. Monthly meetings took place in 2005 and 2006. Snowlands Network's Director Jim Gibson attended the meetings. The effort was largely unsuccessful, as no consensus on the future of the National Forest in the Bear Valley area was reached, and the Forest Service has yet to write a Winter Recreation Plan.

Lassen Share-the-Dream Trail. Snowlands Network thwarted plans for the Share-the-Dream (Snowmobile) Trail that threatened to breach the McGowan winter non-motor vehicle area where skiers and snowshoers seek solitude. >>> More

Snowmobile Rides at Echo Summit. With Snowlands Network leading the opposition, the Forest Service turned down Adventure Mountain’s proposal to create a snowmobile-ride business at Echo Summit that would completely change the character of the area, where skiers and snowshoers enjoy the Benwood Meadow trails and families use the sledding hill.

Dodge Ridge Snowtubing Proposal. Snowlands Network successfully opposed the construction of a commercial snowtubing area at Dodge Ridge Ski Area because it would result in the degradation of the Gooseberry Nordic Ski Trail. >>> More

Sierra-at-Tahoe Expansion. Snowlands Network did not object to the Sierra-at-Tahoe expansion plan for Huckleberry Canyon, but reaffirmed that it would oppose any attempt to expand along Huckleberry Ridge to the east, where skiers and snowshoers recreate and the lands are designated non-motorized.

Kirkwood Expansion into Martin Point Area. Snowlands Network supported Kirkwood Ski Resort’s plan to offer expanded avalanche courses in the Martin Point area west of Kirkwood with some limitations.

Hoover Wilderness Addition. A strong opposition, including litigation, failed to stop the Forest Service from opening the 7,000-acre Leavitt Bowl in the Hoover Wilderness Addition to snowmobile use. On the positive side, 40,000 acres of the Addition have become designated Wilderness.

Brockway Summit Commercial Snowmobile Permits. The Forest Service rejected a request for the nearby Martis Peak area to be designated non-motorized as mitigation for the impacts of massive commercial snowmobile use in the area. The Forest Service claimed that Martis Peak was out of the scope of the planning process. The designation of the Martis Peak area as non-motorized in winter is part of the current Quiet Quadrant project. >>> More

Fee Demo. Fee Demo is an attempt by the Federal Governmet to raise revenue by charging for access to public lands. Snowlands has long opposed such plans.

Van Vleck Bunkhouse. Snowlands Network was a key supporter of the construction of the Van Vleck Storm Shelter. Completion of the shelter was a requirement before the bunkhouse could be utilized as a backcountry ski and snowshoe hut.

Tioga Pass Resort. Snowlands Network supported Tioga Pass Resort's application to construct a new sanitation system and utility building

Rock Creek Lodge. Snowlands Network supported the re-issuance of the use permit for Rock Creek Lodge. >>> More