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Tickets $20, available at the Fox Theatre Box Office in Redwood City, online at the Fox Theatre website, or by phone (650-FOX-7770).

This will be the 13th year that Snowlands Network has co-sponsored this event with REI.

Dates: Thursday, February 22
Friday, February 23
Where: Fox Theatre in Redwood City
Time: 7:00 PM (doors open at 6 PM)

Two different shows
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The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the premiere international film competition featuring the world's best footage on mountain subjects. The festival began in 1976 and is held annually in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The World Tour offers you the opportunity to see the best of the films entered in the festival.

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Film List

(Film list subject to change.)

Thursday, Feb 22

Website: www.krystlewright.com Classification: General

From filmmaker Krystle Wright. There’s an ongoing discussion of why there aren’t more females in the adventure industry; whether it’s in big mountain skiing, climbing, or whitewater kayaking. Well, it’s about time we found out Where the Wild Things Play!

KILIAN, 2016, Canada, 14 min
Website: www.switchbackentertainment.com Classification: General

From filmmaker Anthony Bonello, Switchback Entertainment Inc. Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever. But he doesn’t consider himself a runner. Join Kilian in his new backyard in Norway as he attempts to ski and run the Seven Summits of Romsdalen in a single day, a 77 kilometre route with 9,000 metres of elevation gain.

Website: bbcearth.ca/show/planet-earth-ii/ Classification: General

From filmmaker Justin Anderson, BBC Worldwide. Only a few pioneering animals have what it takes to survive in the world's highest mountain ranges and they tend to be some of the most elusive and mysterious animals on the planet. Climb to a world that is beautiful but full of danger, where only the most adventurous animals can hope to survive.

LA CASITA WIP, 2016, Ecuador, 7 min
Website: afuera.com.ec/ Classification: General

From filmmakers Juan Reece and Jose Cobo, Afuera Productions. Two girls from Ecuador have a dream of building their own dirt jumping track in their backyard. So they get to work.

DUGOUT (TOUR EDIT), 2017, UK, 41 min
Website: www.trailtoanywhere.com Classification: PG: Coarse language; nudity

From filmmaker Benjamin Sadd. Ben and James decide to travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, live with an indigenous community, learn from them how to build a canoe from scratch, then take that canoe on a journey… What could go wrong?


Website: juicystudios.com/ Classification: General

From filmmaker Lacy Kemp, Juicy Studios. Mountain biker Micayla Gatto takes the viewer into her world as a painter and as an athlete, riding through beautifully created masterpieces where colours come to life and reality blends with art.

MY IRNIK, 2017, Canada, 16 min
Website: hoodvisuals.com/ Classification: General

From filmmaker Matthew Hood. Originally from Montreal, Conor falls in love with the northern way of life, and a woman, in the Canadian Arctic. Now the young father helps to pass on the native traditions and ancestral culture to his son, as he learns them himself.

WHY, 2016, France, 7 min
Website: www.wearehungry.fr/ Classification: PG: Nudity

From filmmaker Hugo Clouzeau, We Are Hungry. Iceland. A cold, rugged and forbidding landscape where powerful rivers plunge through bedrock gorges, over massive waterfalls toward the sea. A crew of French kayakers travel here to ask the question, “Why? Why do we do this?”

SAFETY THIRD, 2017, USA, 29 min
Website: www.cedarwright.com/ Classification: PG: Coarse language and violence

From filmmakers Cedar Wrights and Taylor Keating. Brad Gobright is beyond bold. From his runout and poorly protected trad climbs to his unimaginable free solos, watch as Gobright recovers from a back-breaking fall and attempts some of the hardest ascents of his career.

IMAGINATION: TOM WALLISCH, 2017, Canada, 5 min
Website: www.sherpascinema.com Classification: General

From Sherpa Cinema. Have you ever been that little kid sitting in the back seat of your parents’ car, wishing you were somewhere else? So you imagine a skier on the side of the road, your fingers commanding back flips and roof drops, improbable rail slides and huge airs. Well, what if your imagination came to life?

Friday, Feb 23

SURF THE LINE, 2016, France, 3 min
Website: www.helloemotion.com Classification: General

From filmmaker Hello Emotion. For The Flying Frenchies, thinking out of the box isn’t a choice – it’s a way of life.

SKY MIGRATIONS, 2016, USA, 16 min
Website: www.maxlowemedia.com Classification: PG: Coarse language

Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrating raptors, a migration that relies on two hemispheres worth of wild and healthy ecosystems. Join ecologist and filmmaker, Charles Post, as he shines a light on the network of backcountry scientists and sentinels at the front lines of raptor conservation.

Website: www.drehxtrem.de Classification: PG: Coarse language

From filmmaker Jochen Small, Drehxtrem, Red Bull Media House. 3 National Geographic “adventurers of the Year” embark on an insane kayaking mission in Greenland. With kite skis they tow their white water kayaks over 1000 km of the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the most northern river ever paddled.


DREAMRIDE 2, 2017, USA, 6 min
Website: juicystudios.com/ Classification: General

From filmmaker Mike Hopkins, Juicy Studios. Poetic, artistic and inspiring, ride along as we traverse volcanic fields, explore hidden lava caves, and race down rivers of ice.

JOHANNA, 2016, UK, 4min
Website: www.archersmark.co.uk Classification: General

From filmmaker Ian Derry, Archer’s Mark. For freediver Johanna Nordblad diving under the ice provides a surreal, calming environment that helps heal her injuries.

2.5 MILLION, 2017, USA, 22 min
Website: www.t-barfilms.com/ Classification: General

From filmmaker Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, T-Bar Films. American skier Aaron Rice sets out to ski 2.5 million, human-powered, vertical feet in the backcountry and set a new world record.

EDGES, 2016, USA, 9 min
Website: edgesfilm.com Classification: General

From filmmaker Katie Stjernholm, Balcony Nine Media. At the ripe old age of 90, Yvonne Dowlen has been ice skating for as long as she can remember. Edges is a celebration of a life lived well.

STUMPED, 2017, USA, 25 min
Website: www.cedarwright.com/ Classification: 14A: Coarse language & Violence

From filmmakers Cedar Wright & Taylor Keating. Maureen Beck has never let the fact that she is missing her lower left arm hold her back from climbing. She doesn’t want to be considered a good one-armed climber, or a good female climber…she just wants to be a plain good climber.