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Adopt An Area

The development of this page is in progress.

Do you ski or snowshoe? If so, you can help protect and preserve your favorite backcountry winter area while enjoying your recreation. By "adopting an area" you become Snowlands Network's eyes and ears, and help the Forest Service understand what's working and what is not working on the ground. This is very important because the Forest Service can't be everywhere all the time.

Here's how to join the Snowlands Network "Adopt An Area" project.

  1. Tell Snowlands Network which area you want to adopt using the first form at the bottom of this page. You can pick from the following list, or you can pick another area you love.

    - Castle Peak area north of Donner Summit

    - Tahoe Meadows north of Highway 431

    - Tahoe Meadows south of Highway 431

    - Chickadee Ridge south of Highway 431

    - Mount Rose Wilderness accessed from Highway 431

    - Mount Rose Wilderness from the north

    - Brockway Summit; the Martis Peak side

    - Brockway Summit; the Lake Tahoe side

    - Forestdale Creek area from Red Lake to Forestdale Divide

    - Hope Valley north of Highway 88

    - Hope Valley south of Highway 88

    - Carson Pass area north

    - Carson Pass area south

    - Mokelumne Wilderness

    - Round Valley and Woodchuck Basin Near Natural Area near Lake Alpine (Highway 4)

    - Crabtree and Gooseberry Nordic trail system at Pinecrest

    - Sequoia and Kings Canyon area

  2. Visit the area 3 or more times this snow season.

  3. After each visit, return to this webpage and complete the easy to use "Adopt An Area Report" at the bottom of this page.

  4. That's all there is to do.

Contact Gail Ferrell using our Contact Us page for additional information about the Snowlands Adopt An Area project.

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Adopt An Area Report

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Number of skiers
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Did the trip pass through a Wilderness area?

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Please report all instances of snowmobile misuse and impacts below.  Snowmobile impressions (ruts) in snow or mud are valid evidence of recent activity.

Type of observation: (check all boxes that apply):

Snowmobile trespass into designated Wilderness
Snowmobile trespass into non-motorized terrain other than Wilderness area

Snowmobile disruption of pedestrian (ski or snowshoe) trail
Reckless driving (personal endangerment)

Access impairment: You quit using the area because of one or more of the
  other factors checked (explain in description)

Resource impairment: Shredded snowscapes affected your experience
Resource impairment: Excessive noise
Resource impairment: Persistent fumes/odor
Resource impairment: Damage to exposed vegetation
Resource impairment: Driving on soils or wetlands unprotected by snow

Other (specify in description):

Are photos, video or GPS data available?
This is not necessary, but helpful if available.

If you check yes, a Snowlands volunteer will provide you with
  instructions for submission of corroborative data.

Did this occur on Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail or Tahoe Rim Trail?

Check here if the snowmobile misuse or impact occurred on the
  Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail or the Tahoe Rim Trail

Where did the misuse or impact occur?

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Person reporting:
Government agencies require the name and address of the person reporting a problem. Snowlands Network needs your email address so that a volunteer can contact you if necessary to clarify the details.

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